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PLATINUM = This shaft has been used to win several major LDA Tour events as well as many international long-drive events, and several top competitors have made the TV Finals at the World Long-Drive Championships using this standard-weight long-drive shaft.  This shaft runs 70/71/73-gram-weight for the X/XX/XXX /XXXX-flexes.  It flexes in the traditional manner with a firm butt-section tapering down through a more elastic mid-section, and a smooth tip-section.  This shaft has a softer tip section than the RAPTOR or the IMPERATOR shaft.  The overall strength of this shaft comes from a very expensive biased rolling technique where the shaft is taken out of the electronic rolling equipment during manufacturing process to reverse the roll (against the bias) in order to make the shaft stronger at the joints between the butt-and-mid-section and again between the mid-section and the  tip-section.  Competitors who are looking at standard-weight shafts, and who can effectively load-and-unload a shaft will find this shaft will provide them with their highest ball-speeds with an effective spin-rate.


Flex               Weight      CPMs      Torque      Bend          Tip Section 

X                        70             255           2.5           High            Medium

XX                      71             265           2.5           High            Medium

XXX                    73             275           2.5           High            Medium

XXXX                  74             284           2.5           High           Medium