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RAPTOR = This light-weight long-drive shaft is brand-new for 2018.  It is similar to in design and materials to a prototype NINJA shaft, which Justin James used to win the 2017 World Long-Drive Championship.  This shaft features enhanced torsional (side-to-side) control versus the prior model NINJA shaft making it more stable at impact.  It runs just 57-to-64/gram-weight, and it is offered in X/XX/XXX/XXXX/XXXXX-flexes.  This shaft has some elasticity in the butt-section, as well as near the tip-section, which can make it feel like a double-bend shaft. If this shaft is unloaded effectively it will produce monster ball-speed with a boring ball-flight. 


Flex               Weight      CPMs     Torque        Bend           Tip Section

X (SOLD OUT)    59           255           2.5           High             Medium

XX                        61           265           2.5           High             Medium

XXX                      61           275           2.5           High             Medium

XXXX                    63           285           2.5           High             Medium

XXXXX                  64           295           2.5           High             Medium