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IMPERATOR = This is a standard-weight long-drive shaft, which likewise is brand new for the 2018 long-drive season.  At 68-to-72/-gram-weight this shaft is offered in X/XX/XXX/XXXX-flexes.  It was built on the PLATINUM shaft platform; however, 46-ton graphite was utilized in order to slightly lower the weight and to offer enhanced torsional (side-to-side) control.  Competitors who liked the PLATINUM shaft, but who couldn’t time that shaft and load it effectively and who need added torsional control will appreciate the added control that this shaft will provide to them.  This shaft also had a slightly stiffer tip section than our other standard-weight long-drive shafts. 


Flex               Weight        CPMs      Torque          Bend            Tip Section

X                          68             255             2.5            High              Medium

XX                        69             265             2.5            High              Medium

XXX                      71             275             2.5            High              Medium  

XXXX                    72             285             2.5            High              Medium