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CODE BLUE – This is our newest standard driver shaft.  It is a unique shaft, not otherwise offered by MATRIX, which was developed out of our long-drive program.  It features and elastic butt-section for quick launch, and then a very wide/very long/very stiff mid-section to promote a boring ball-flight with just enough elasticity in the tip-section for better golfers to “work” the ball.  Because of the light weight combined with the strength of the shaft it can offer higher swing speeds combined with a better ball-flight for all ranges of golfer’s abilities, and it is one of the very few light-weight shafts, which can handle being built-out with heavier heads and/or at longer than standard lengths.  This is a mid-to-high launch shaft; however, unlike most higher-launch shafts it offers a flat ball-flight.


Flex                  Weight        CPMs        Torque      Bend           Tip Section

Senior                  48               231            3.5           Mid              Medium

Regular                50               243            3.5           Mid              Medium

Stiff                       52              254             3.5           Mid             Medium 

X-Stiff                   54               265            3.5           Mid              Medium